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Medium-long Term Development Plan & 2005 Target

Date:2017-07-28 16:01

In the company’s medium-long term development plan, 2005 target is that the annual production value exceeds one hundred million RMB; the profit tax increases by 15% compared with the previous year; further improve QS-9000 standard quality system and prepare for TS-16949 standard quality system certification; as to product quality, the examination qualified rate of main products exceeds 98。5% and the rate of comprehensive spoiled products is less than 1500PPM; on product development, the annual sales of new type of aluminium radiator exceeds 50,000 and plastic fan expands its sales volume; equipment utilization rate and serviceability rate separately reaches 95% and 98%; on human resource, staff number reaches 400 and salary increases by 15% compared with the previous year; to complete employees training system and enhance their integrative qualification。

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