Your present location:Culture
Business Concept:
Excellence, Quality
Core Values:
Development, Innovation, Execution
Quality Policy:
Refinement, Practicality, Development, Innovation, Efficiency, First Rate
Culture Slogans:
1. Attitude is everything, and detail is the key to success.
2. Attitude decides action, action develops character, character decides destiny.
3. People-oriented Enterprise, Enterprise-honored Employees.
4. Hardworking, Responsible.
5. Excellent Quality, Perfect Brand.
6. Gather in one factory from all corners, friendship like brothers and sisters.
7. Observe rules and regulation, strive to be excellent employees.
8. What one pays, what one gains.
9. Courteous Employees, Excellent Employees.
10. Strengthen Management, Complete Service, Brand Supreme, Quality First
11. Continuous Innovation, Pioneering, Excellence, Honesty, Dedication.
12. First-rate Employees, First-rate Products, First-rate Enterprise.
13. Management Responsibility, Work Standardization, Handling Routinization.
14. First-rate Management, First-rate Products, First-rate Service.
15. Quality is our basis for survival, and innovation is our root for development.
16. Customer satisfaction is the sole criterion for inspecting our work.
17. Strict Thinking, Rigorous Operation, Strict Inspection, Serious Verification.
18. Quality by Innovation, Efficiency by Management.
19. Build Human Character, Establish Management Basis.
20. Continuous improvement is the essence of corporate culture.
◎ Team spirit is the core of corporate culture.
◎ Quality brings market, improvement leads to progress.
◎ Providing excellent products is the best way to repay customers.
◎ Method leads to success, excuse causes failure.
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